“I see my path, but I know not where it leads”

“I see my path, but I know not where it leads” (Rosalia de Castro)

At the end of each school year, I have a hard time turning off school-mode.  But the bonus is that I have time to reflect on this year and where I’ve traveled on my learning path.

Memorable landmarks in this year’s journey:

  • At ECOO 2010, Bev and I had the good fortune  to eat lunch with Nathan Toft and Jane Smith (Portableradio.ca).   That opened up the world of podcasting for us!
  • We started tweeting this year, and can’t believe how much I was missing out on.  Twitter has such a rich world of amazing educators willing to share and learn together.
  • Math/Smartboard technology project gave us the opportunity to expand PD beyond our school walls.
  • Web conferenced with my longtime friend, Major Michael Percy, while he was stationed in Afghanistan — and then he visited in person upon his return to Canada.  Check out our class blog and podcast -his visit made quite an impact.
  • A wonderful Dutch educator, Marie-Louise, visited our class as part of a Dutch-Canadian teacher Smartboard project.

I could go on and on – it’s been a great year.   Our school is full of wonderful educators, parents and students.  And most of all, I am so lucky to work with my dear friend, Bev – who loves technology and teaching as much as I do.  Hours of google chats in the evenings always lead to creative activities (and often solutions to problems).

We never know where next year’s path will lead us, but I have a few directions in mind.

  • I just painted my horseshoe table with Idea whiteboard paint.   Can’t wait to let the kids write their ideas on the furniture!   Paperless classroom option.
  • Livescribe pen project!  I get to work with several other teachers to continue our open-ended math technology PD.
  • Many co-workers have taken the leap into the world of blogging and are ready to learn more.

…. which leads me to my final thoughts.  Make sure to read this great blog post by Angela Watson.  Angela writes, “if you really want people to incorporate tech use into their instructional practice, you have to inspire them, not embarrass them. You have to demonstrate the passion you want others to exhibit. Be so enthusiastic about what you do that it’s contagious.”

It really is contagious – and I thank all the people who have helped to inspire me on this journey.

Have a great summer!

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